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 Seiko SPT510/35pl Printhead
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Seiko SPT510/35pl Printhead

Seiko SPT510/35pl Printhead
Product name:Seiko SPT510/35pl Printhead
Technology Drop On Demand Piezo
Active Nozzles 510.35PL
Native Resolution 180 dpi
Active Print Swath 2.8 inches (71.8mm)
Drop Volume: 35 pl
Firing Frequency 6-8 KHz
Linear Print Speed 0.49 m/sec, 360dpi, 7KHz
Interface 30 Pin Proprietary parallel I/F
Dimensions 4.95 in W x 3.48 in H x 1.18 in D
125.5mm W x 88.5mm H x 30mm D

To be used with
Icontek: TW-3306HC, TW-3308HC,TW-3306HA, TW-1806A, TW-3306HD, TW-3308HD, TW-3308HZ, M1, M3
SID: XCS PLUS 320-8H, XCS 320-8H, XES 250, XES 320, XH250
Crstaljet: S1806SPT510_35PL, S3306IISPT510_35PL , F3308IISPT510_35PL, S4306SPT510_35PL, F4308SPT510_35PL, S6306IISPT510_35PL, F6308IISPT510_35PL
Infiniti: FY-3208HA, FY-3206HA, FY-3208HF, FY-3206HF, FY-3208H, FY-3206H , FY-3208R, FY-3206R,FY-3208G, FY-3204G
Phoaeton: UD-3206E, UD-3208E, UD-3206G, UD-3208G, UD-3208GF, UD-3206GF, UD-3208H
Roland: AJ-1000, AJ-740
VUTEK: QS3200,QS3200R


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